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Charles K. Wilkinson Lecture Series, "Recycling the Materiality of Death: How and Why Egyptian Coffins Were Reused"

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Grace Rainy Rogers Auditorium 1000 5th Ave New York, NY 10028 United States (map)

For millennia, wealthy ancient Egyptians relied on materialist productions like coffins to encapsulate their funerary beliefs in the transformation of the dead. But how did Egyptians determined to equip themselves materially for the transformation into the afterlife respond and adapt in a brutal time of political, economic, and social collapse? This lecture will examine the evidence for coffin reuse within the context of the 20th and 21st Dynasties, revealing new insights into ancient funerary practices and challenging some long held modern assumptions about ancient Egyptian religious beliefs.

As vital components of Egyptian burials, coffins are social documents which reflect changes in trade and economic resources, religious developments, and artistic tastes, giving remarkable insight into ancient society.

Lecture free with Museum admission.