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37 Questions with Kara cooney

Kara visits The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson



Kara visits The Today Show


Kara's TODAY SHOW segment from August 24, 2009.
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King Tut's Secrets
The Today Show asks Kara about the death of King Tut.
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Kara on Discovery Channel


Cool Jobs: Egyptologist
Kasey-Dee Gardner sits down with Kara to learn what it takes to be an Egyptologist.

Hatshepsut: More Powerful Than Cleopatra?
Kara briefly compares Hatshepsut with Cleopatra.

Hatshepsut: Egypt Stepmother or Creative Ruler?
Kara illuminates how new finds are changing our understanding of the story of Hatshepsut's life.

Hatshepsut: Why Is This Find So Significant?
Kara discusses the significance of the identification of Hatshepsut's mummy.

Legacy of the Poor
Kara talks about how the poor across civilizations have left legacies in lasting monuments commissioned by the rich.

How to Get Ready for Death
Kara discusses how different cultures prepare for the inevitable.

Egypt and Pop Culture
Kara gives a few reasons why ancient Egyptian culture may influence society today.


Selected clips from Out of Egypt

Highlights from the first episode of Out of Egypt:

Egyptian Pyramids
Kara investigates the significance of the pyramid shape.

Mayan Sacrifice
The ancient city of Palenque reveals much about Mayan rituals of human sacrifice.

The Pain of Santa Rosa
Through physical pain, Santa Rosa sought to be as close to God as possible.

Ancient Violence
Kara explores the funerary temple of Ramses III and interprets violent tendencies of ancient Egyptians.

Sacrificial Coconut
Hinduism is the third most popular religion on the planet. Kara explores one of its sacred rituals.

The Moche Decapitator
An ancient culture called the Moche flourished on the north coast of Peru from 100 to 800 A.D. See the ruins with Kara!

Baboon Necropolis
Sealed off to protect the tomb of looters, the Baboon Necropolis has not been accessed since the 1990s.

Saintly Relics
A relic is the preserved flesh and bone of a sacred being. Kara investigates when this practice originated.

The Beauty of Death
The Capuchin Order celebrates the beauty of death. Kara visits their crypt and explores the remains of thousands of monks.

Explore a Mayan Pyramid
Kara explores the tomb of the ancient Mayan king Palenque.

Aztec Ruins
In the heart of Mexico City lie the ruins of the ancient Aztec city Tlatelolco. A massive pyramid at the city center marks the final resting place of ancient Mesoamerican kings.

The Mayan City Palenque
The ancient Mayan ruins of the city Palenque lie in stark contrast to that of Egypt. But, these monuments share similar purposes. Kara searches for answers.





A Woman's View of Hatshepsut's History
Interview with Dr. Kara Cooney