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There's still time to order your exclusively autographed copy here!

“In one place on our planet thousands of years ago, against all the odds of the male-dominated system in which they lived, women ruled repeatedly with formal, unadulterated power…Why did women achieve such levels of formal power in ancient Egypt when so many others across time—up to today—have tried and failed?”

Kara Cooney, When Women Ruled the World

There's still time to order your exclusively autographed copy here!

"As a social historian of ancient Egypt, I am drawn to the nitty-gritty of ancient life, particularly those circumstances that could not be conquered: disease, social place, patriarchal control, gender inequality, and geographic location. I want to know how people coped in a world over which they had so little control and in which they had so little time to make their mark; a place where grief, sorrow, and apprehension were more commonplace than success, and where most knew they could never create any kind of change in their lives, beyond doing what their fathers or mothers had done before them."

                                                                               Kara Cooney, The Woman Who Would Be King

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